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Photography: American and European clients:

Shutters Hotels, Luna Wine, Chateau Montelena Winery, Hyphen Pharmaceutical, Fidelity Investments, Hills Pet Food, Island Records, MCA Records, Scorpio Music, Broadway Books, Ten Speed Press, Random House, Gore Technologies, Heron Int’l Pictures, Old World Films, Butterfield & Robinson Tours, Connie Rae Music, Pop-N-Go Nuts, Magic Pallet & Skillet Workshops, Tonje Noordgard Films, ICE Productions - France, ARTE Televison - France, Telerama - France, Groupe Bollore- France, Hotel Du Lac - France, Chateau de la Reine Blanch - France, Telenor Communications - Norway, Den norske Eterfabrikk - Norway,  Neri Pozza Publications – Italy

Photography, Graphic & Web Design, Marketing & Copywriting:

* Floral Art: Venice, CA:  Product, Interiors & Event Photography, Web Design, S.E.O. and Marketing

* After Eden Books/Austin Dragon:  Marketing, Copywriting, Copy Editing, Manuscript Editing and Photography:

* Connie Rae Knapp Music:  Photography, Marketing, Graphic Design, and Web Design:

* Pop-N-Go Nuts: Product Photography, Web Design, reative Business Consulting, Graphicv Design:

* 78 Design Group:  Photography, Marketing, Graphic Design

“It was so great working with you and the shots of the Shutters Hotel campaign turned out so wonderful. Your work is breathtaking and moving. I want to show your books to everyone! We have a new shoot coming up for a hotel in Santa Barbara and I wanted to consider you again for the job. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed working with you”
Louie Moses
Moses Anshell Agency

“The second album cover you shot and designed is even better than the first!
You are such a visionary artist. You really captured the essence of the soul of my music through your images and design. You were so right when you pushed for the moodier lighting and en elegant style. Everyone at Capital Records flipped over it! Cant wait to see how you’ll design my website! You rock as much as I do! Ha! Ha!”
Connie Rae Knapp, Capital Records

" Speecheless!!!!!!! We sat in the car in the middle of the street blocking traffic and looked at the photos – tears running down my cheeks. They are absolutely beautiful!! We are not surprised. We had complete confidence in you. I just know when I met you were someone extraordinary. You deserve every penny you get for what you do. Words cannot express how fortunate I feel right now. Thank you for your professionalism and creativity but mostly for making me feel and look like a beautiful bride.” Hedda & Joel Kelly - Los Angeles, CA

" It felt like a movie set. I couldn't believe all the lighting, equipment, assistants and props!You made our tiny kitchen look so big and beautiful in your photos! How did you do that? You're really pro. Cant wait to show these to Architectural Digest!" Sean Miller, Interior Design

" Hi, I just looked at the CD. The images are EXTRAORDINARY!!!!. . .The album is fantastic! I’m leaving it on Colin's desk right now." David Berke, Colin Cowie Lifestyle,  New York, N.Y.

 " Your the Bomb Girl!  Thank you again for all your hard work, creativity, talent and friendship!It has been such a blast working with you and becoming friends!" - Connie Re Knapp singer songwriter

 “ All I can say is "amazing!"  Every single shot you took is frame worthy. Not only are they beautiful but they really conveyed the magic of that day. All my friends and family went on and on about what a great photographer I had. Everyone loved you, but not as much as Max and I. You made everyone feel so comfortable and relaxed. It was also great seeing you out on the dance floor with us! Your pictures are so much more than "pretty wedding pictures", they’re dreamlike memories that we will cherish forever. Thank you so much for leaving us with this wonderful treasure. You're awesome!” Megan & Max Keane - Los Angeles, CA

" Working with you on the Shutters Hotel Ad campaign was such a pleasure and they are so pleased with the images. Thank you so much! You and your crew was great! Louie Moses, Moses Anshell Advertising - Phonenix, AZ

" The engagement picts from Paris are simply remarkable. I felt like a star in a movie! I dont know how you do what you do but you do! You captured the Paris that has catured my heart now and forever"  - Jaqueline Duvivier

" Elizabeth the photos look incredible!! I LOVE them!! Hopefully we can collaborate on the next house project soon. Cant wait to update my website with these! WOW!"  Chelsea Sachs Interior Design

 " The images are better than I had ever imagined! You make my work look like something from a magazine!  WOW!  Your worth every penny!" Jackie Harris, 78 Design Group

“ Thank you for the such a fun time during the engagement session. We can’t stop thinking about that the shoot. We had a ball!The prints are beautiful!When I looked at them the first time I started crying. You are truly talented. It was hard picking which ones to use. I can’t imagine picking the wedding enlargements for our album. We also wanted to let you know you are a wonderful person & we hope that our relationship will turn into a friendship!” Raquel & Joey Riera, San Pedro, CA

" All I can say is..... incredible! You deserve every penny you get and then some! As a fellow photographer I know how much work is involved in prepping and shooting a wedding. The images are unbelievable!" Felicity &* Jack Murphy - Los Angeles, CA

" There are no words to express how ecstatic Jon and I are with your outrageously beautiful work on our wedding photos!!!!I have never seen photography like this.We are literally speechless. We will treasure our album FOREVER.I can't wait to show everything to my parents when they get pack from Utah on Sunday!I am going to go through everything and then give you a call to discuss the next step. Once again, thank you for these absolutely incredible memories!! Liz Sobel - New York, NY

" Elizabeth! Veronica and I are ecstatic to see our wedding photos! I wanted to say you were simply amazing on our hectic day – you brought warmth of character and precise professionalism that simply enriched our whole day!We can’t thank you enough. " Delio & Veronica Tramontozzi- San Francisco, CA

" You are really a special person. You made me cry! WOW !!! I won't get anything done today; I'm going to just keep looking at these photos all day.Thank you! Thank you! Eileen Sudler - New York, NY

" WOW!.....Well of course we knew we'd love them but it is amazing to see the variety and textures that you created with our pregnancy shots.So many good ones!Your style was perfect for us and we are very excited to show these off to friends and family.Thank you so much for taking the time to come up north and shoot these for us.It really meant a lot to us and we are so happy with the results!! The prints were gorgeous, we're thinking of having you reprint some of the shots for family, maybe change some from black/white/sepia to color and maybe have some enlargements. Thanks SO SO much Elizabeth.You are amazing!!!But you know that already..." Christine & Eddy Palen - San Francisco, CA

“ We are really looking forward to having you shoot the wedding in Boston after seeing the engagement photos!!…and having you fly out to our favorite place…New England in Autumn!!! Please call when you get to Boston! We can’t wait!!” Ruta & Keith Kellogg Boston, MA

“ Thank you for your excellent, beautiful work! I can’t wait to give our parents the framed photos! I look forward to adding them to our collection of amazing pictures!” Vivian Kuo - Los Angeles, CA

“ I am so impressed with your work! You have such a modern eye - I felt like I was looking through a magazine 1.Rarely do I get to see contact sheets from photographers - usually, I have to scroll through web shows - I like the layout of what you did!" Uyen Nguyen, Event Coordinator,Long Beach, CA

" When I design houses, I constantly struggle to achieve a higher level of quality. Working with Elizabeth is incredibly satisfying because she is just as committed as me - and even more - to getting the highest possible result.  She takes the work I have done in designing and building a house and elevates it to a new level.  She is like a machine - she is simply unstoppable in her drive to improve a single picture in any way possible.  Her focus on details is astonishing.  The end result?  Spectacular.  Elizabeth, thank you so much for making my work look so beautiful." Neil Hazle, The Hazle group, Custom Home Design

“ Merci Bien for the photographs, they are simply gorgeous. I am going to have them printed so that we can all enjoy them. Thank you again Elizabeth. Merci et a bientot, Amicalement," Marie-Michelle Hewett,, Los Angeles, CA

" E - Your work was absolutely INCREDIBLE. I can't tell you how many compliments we have been getting. I have no doubt that you will be hearing from lots of our guests in the future.Frankly, I don't know how anyone could ever hire another photographer after working with you.You are just perfection (personally and professionally). have any interest in submitting anything to Grace Ormond or any other publications?I would be down, if you are!I am so in love with the photos and I can't believe how gorgeous you made me look in the black and white portraits you took of me by the window waiting for Jon. I almost fell over.Everyone is just so pumped!You have a fan club on the east coast! " Elizabeth Sobel - New Jersey

"Hi Elizabeth. We would like you to be our featured spotlight photographer of the month. This would involve a podcast video interview. Your work is great!" Michael -

“ I recently stumbled across your website, and have visited several times since, just to enjoy the sheer beauty of your images.You are such a wonderful talent. I wish I had known about you when I got married four years ago, but I hope there will be another occasion when I will be able to employ your services.As a hobbyist photographer I am inspired and moved by your work – and provoked by a question… What is that velvety chocolate paper you use to print on (and can one paint on it)?I don’t know if that’s a trade secret you are loath to share, and if so, forgive me and forget it.But if you don’t mind letting me in on that detail, it would be greatly appreciated.I’d love to print a little of my own work and a couple of special old photos on that paper. You are not only an exceptional photographer, but an extraordinary person as well, and I wish that you not only continue to capture joy and beauty in your images, but in your life as well.” Jill Baer - Sherman Oaks, CA

“ Just beautiful!!!!!......WOW!! THANK YOU so much Elizabeth. The pictures are spectacular and again, merci.WE LOVE THEM!!It will be so hard to pick.The one with the boys and the umbrellas were great!The one with their backs to the camera really looks like a postcard.The pictures of Janellie prior to the wedding were just beautiful and so were some of the garden shots of them as a couple.Well, everything was great!The bubbles at the end, the close up of the rings, the cake, the flowers, the little bridge outside with the beautiful lake.There's one that I loved too which was when they were walking down the isle. The carriage shots!Oh my goodness.So many beautiful images.THE FOUNTAIN!How can I forget the fountain and the family shots there.Anyway, they are just awesome!! Overall you did an amazing job on both the engagement and wedding photos and we are very pleased.Please also pass our thanks to your assistants who worked very hard that day as well." Barbara Ruano - Sunset Beach, CA

“ Dear Ms. Etienne - I write to you to request an interview w/you. I am the editor of The Times Journal of Photography. In every issue we interview photographers of world reputation. We would like you to be the main feature story of the issue spread over 8 pages, illustrating 10-12 images of yours and the cover as well.” Aditya Kuber - Times Journal of Photography, Editorial Coordinator, Mumbai, India

“ Elizabeth, you were the first photographer we came to see. We did a great deal of research, looking through countless photographer's websites, and actually met with 7 of them. Nathan, my family, and I agreed that no one we met came close in artistic eye, quality, professionalism, or organization as you did. It was such a pleasure working with you throughout the entire wedding. I have to tell you, this was not easy for me to be working, in school, and planning the wedding, all at the same time. I remember having a meltdown one day and you left me a message on my phone that was so calming and supportive...I felt better immediately. Out of all our vendors you were the person that really had our backs. Your professionalism and creativity really shone through and everyone was really comfortable with you. When we all saw the final product, we were so happy. Liz, a few of those pictures brought us to tears. Thank you for all of your gifts!” Melissa and Nathan Sherman - Chicago, IL

“Elizabeth- Your photos are beautiful!!…… I’m in love." Meredith Schwartz, Media Director, Here Comes The Guide

“ Dear sweet Elizabeth- I have been thinking about just exactly I wanted to say in this letter. When we selected our wedding site it was so enchanting that my desire to find the right photographer became more important than finding the right dress!! I knew I had to find a photographer with creative talent, an eye for artistic images, and one who could capture “that” moment. I wanted more than just standard wedding photos, I wanted images that moved you. YOU GAVE US JUST THAT!! When we look at these photos we relive that magical day all over again. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You’re incredible!” Esther & Juan Reyes - Sonoma County, CA

“ Just want to tell you I can't stop thinking about how GREAT those pictures are that you took of your clients you showed me last night. You have an amazing talent and should always be doing photography the rest of your life!!” Frank Keshishian - Venice, CA

“ Can I just start off by saying your pictures are UNREAL! I was hoping to find out if you were available for myJune 9th wedding……. PLEASE let me know!" Melissa Hannah, Aliso Viejo, CA

In this new world of mostly "generic" wedding photography it is always a real pleasure to see images that rise above the rest.As a journalistic wedding photographer of 18 years I rarely see work as special as I have seen on your site.Your wedding imagery is truly very special, artistic, and unique. Combine that with your classic presentation albums and you are certainly a unique and very special studio with much to offer the discerning client.I also noticed that my friend Dina Douglass has also "discovered" your work! Congratulations and here's wishing you much success!" Rick Rosen, photographer - Newport Beach, CA

“ Thank you for capturing our wedding day so beautifully. We absolutely adore our pictures- youareanamazing artist!!! We feel so lucky….. Thank you so very much!" Jim & Peggy Shirreffs - LA CA

“ When I looked at the pictures the first time I started crying. They are so beautiful.……Joey and I would like to take this time to thank you for your talent, sense of humor, friendship and making our hectic day so romantic and touching. You are truly talented. We are very happy we found you and you were just what we were looking for. We have referred many people since and hope to use you again in the future." Raquel & Joey Riera - San Pedro, CA

“ Bravo for being in the 10 best. I looked at your gallery and I love your new color work.” Marie-Anne Aizac -Velvet Artists representative.

“ I look forward to hearing about any gallery shows you may have and also direct purchases. I have started looking at your wedding website and every image conveys so much emotion. I think your wedding work is the best I have seen. If I know anyone with big photo budgets (and time to plan ahead), I know who I will be referring!” Amber Meek - Los Angeles, CA

“ I saw your work andam completely inspired by it. I am on the programs committee for the Bay Area Photographer’s Collective in San Francisco. I am wondering if you do speaking engagements . We’d love to do a slideshowpresentation of your work w/panel discussion.” John Berholm - BAPC Programs Committee, San Francisco, CA

“ OUR WEDDING PICTURES ROCK!! We especially love the ones of us against the wall across from the Wilshire Temple. We call this sequence the “Dieter” shots!” Ed & Myra Goldberg - Los Angeles, CA

“ You and Your team are amazing!! You were able to capture so many memories! All of the pictures are wonderful…it is difficult to choose our favorites! Everyone who sees them loves them! Thank you so much! " Evan & Tamra Stein - Los Angeles, CA

“ The photographs are wonderful!! Thank you for doing such an awesome job! I couldn’t have asked for better photos. We’re going through them now to figure out which we want to enlarge." Sohee & Dustin Allred - Los Angeles, CA

“ The pictures get better and better with each look! You are truly an artists in every sense of the word. I don’t know how you do what you do. How you capture the very beauty of the moment and in such perfect balance w/the surroundings. I really don’t have adequate words to describe it." Ginger Heyman - Marina Del Rey, CA

“Thanks for making these reprints for us so fast. Just looking at these brought back some great memories!” Glenn & Marlene Robertson -  Los Angeles, CA

“It was a pleasure working with you at the Marlene & Glenn Robertson wedding at Hotel Casa del Mar. I saw your work online and was really impressed.” Blair Silver, DJ - Los Angeles, CA

“ As I am a hard fan of your work and have been for many years. I look at your website often for ideas and inspiration. I give you my website to ask your opinion or to write something down in my guestbook as I am now for two years also a photographer." Guy Roelandt - Belgium

“ Our photos are beautiful!! Thanks so much for the bonus 8x10’s of the groomsmen with umbrellas…it made the rain that day all worth it!!You knew how to have a plan B and make it work – remarkable! Those pictures are so full of character…incredible!” Manny& Sheryl Valdez - Pasadena, CA

“ BRILLIANT!!I could kiss you!!! Jackie and I will treasure these photos for the rest of our lives!!!” Jordon& Jackie Hayman - Los Angeles, CA

“ I couldn’t wait for Charlie to get home from work Saturday. In fact he asked me today” Have you called Elizabeth to tell her how much we LOVE the photos?”!! We had such a great time going through them all. What can we say.. you’re awesome!!! We enjoyed our afternoon on the beach.. We appreciate your creativity and enthusiasm for the art of photography. We can’t wait for you to be there with us on our wedding day.” Charlie & Colleen Naulty - Newport Beach

“ I know your out of town this week shooting a wedding in Boston. I just had to drop you a quick note…thank you so much for the incredible work you did for Phil’s and my Engagement Session. The pictures exceed my very high expectations and I am again reminded of what a truly talented artist you are." Allison & Phil Padovan - Los Angeles, CA

“ Personally I think you are the best I’ve seen in my many years doing hair and make-up for weddings!!” Romi Rios - Hair & make-up designer

“It was great working with you in Palm Springs! You and your crew did a phenomenal job coordinating the photos!!” Shannon & Harmony - Riley-Towne Video

“Congratulations!! For being selected as one of the ten portfolios of the month . What a great way to start the new year! Jeanne Brei -

“Congratulations on your web site! It has been chosen as one of a few to be included in the PDN’s Annual." Paul Moakley - PDN Magazine

“ I look forward to seeing more of your work. I heard about your work from my boss, photo rep Elizabeth Poje. She said your work was beautiful and that she knew someone (I think) that had you shoot their wedding. She said the photos were absolutely wonderful and so I had to see for myself.”Amber Meek, Assistant - Los Angeles, CA

“ ...those are great photos! Janellie looked so beautiful. I'm looking forward to meeting the photographer!! I can see why you booked her. I will pass on this email to my boss, Scott McDougal, he would be the one to contact for advertising and marketing.” Gena Tweed - Grand

“ I came across your web site and see that you have done well since I last saw you. Congrats on your success!” Bill Robbins - Raw Talent Photo

“ I am a photographer in Berkley. What a wonderful surprise to find your web site….great photos! Your rates seem so low for the quality of work and your reprint prices too. Looks like you really love your work and really put people at ease. My photos are plodding compared to yours!” Eliot Khuner, photographer - Berkley, CA

" Elizabeth- I saw your work on the featured photgraphers section on Alternative Pick and also Photoserve/PDN. Verycool. I would love to know how you approach your work as you seem to be an artist from the work I saw." Craig Perkings, photographer

“ I’m a Midwest photographer and a fan of your work– I love your style! I particularly love your albums – where did you get them.They’re gorgeous!” Andy Parquette, photographer

“ Elizabeth- I was just looking at your work on PDN, then followed to your site. I LOVE IT!! As a photographer myself I sometimes get trapped in cookie cutter pictures that are “nice” and aren’t what I really want to shoot. You’re work is creative and full of life!!…Good for you!!” Becca B. - Connecticut photographer

“Bon Soir Elizabeth - Just a quick note to say I love your work – Paris is one of my favorite cities on the planet”. Victor Volta, photographer - San Francisco

“ I just saw your web site …..I must tell you your work is fabulous!!!!…. it’s some of the most aspiring & original work I’ve seen in a long time. I am a photographer/filmmaker born in Amsterdam.” Martin Cohen, Photographer - Amsterdam

“ As a fellow photographer I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how beautiful your work is. Only a small number of photographers have ever struck me as truly outstanding and you’re definitely in the camp!I find that other photographers too often fail to pass along compliments so I always try to do so when one is due. The composition of your work is truly stunning – and I love the sepia toned prints. Your work sets you apart from the pak.” Dina Douglass, photographer

“ I just saw your web site. I’m a part-time photo student and I’ve seen many wedding images, none as fine as yours. What touched me most reading your web site is your total devotion to your clients.I so seldom see professionals cherish the people they photograph. – You have a gift!Don’t ever forget it!If you ever need an assistant I would be thrilled to assist you" Joy Peters Kurtz, photo student - Los Angeles, CA

“ I am a photographer in Nashville TN. In my effort to see what others shoot I came across your web site. UNBELIEVABLE!! FANTASTIC!!! TERRIFIC!!! REFRESHING!! Ok. I’ll stop. I’ve been deeply inspired. What albums do you use that are handmade in Italy?” Mary Crow, Photographer,  Nashville, TN

“ Elizabeth- What a gift you have with photography. You are a visionary with an amazing eye. Than you for your talent, imagination, sense of fun & joy and sharing it with the world….I am grateful for the beautiful portraits you took.” Amy Su - San Francisco 

“ So happy the pictures (from the Cabo San Lucas, Mexico wedding) came back successful and they are happy! You and your team were GREAT!” Colin Cowie, Colin Cowie Lifestyle Event Productions

" Let me take the opportunity to thank you for the wonderful service you provided for the Chuang wedding Dec.28th. Your style was unobtrusive, yet all encompassing… and you were able to catch the couple during the most intimate of exchanges w/out intruding in the moment."Laura Holycross - Distinctive Events

“ I wanted to share some of the pictures of the engagement photo session Janellie and Luis had recently. I know everyone thinks they have the BEST photographer and I don't mean to imply that your vendors are not quality photographers, but believe me, this one is superior to many in the field. I've worked with numerous commercial photographers in the past on photo shoots for my clients and it was difficult settling for less, so we were very happy when we found Elizabeth.She has done over 100 weddings but is also a commercial photographer who studied in Paris for many years.I highly recommend that you consider Elizabeth Etienne as a high-end vendor for your pickiest clients”.  Barbara Ruano -,  Sunset Beach, CA

“ You’re amazing! My god dear what an artist you are. This is print work for any publication….. and I very much like your no-nonsense attitude.” Michael Willms- Entertainment Design

" Dear Elizabeth-…….Bob and I are absolutely THRILLED! To receive such wonderful images. The emotional content really attest to your superb talent and to top it off your amazing personality made it very special for us." Holly & Bob Baltera - Thousand Oaks, CA

“ We had dinner w/the very happy newlyweds Dean & Jennifer Pappas the other night and spent hours looking over the wonderful pictures from their wedding…so many great photos!!I suspect their grandchildren will have to help them decide which are the best!I was so impressed by the way you work and most certainly, with the results. Out evening of wine, dinner and photo browsing was great fun for all of us." Avery LaComb, Marina del Rey, CA

“ How is it that two people who both hate getting photographed felt so comfortable in front of your camera? The magic you worked on us obviously worked on others too because the photos from the wedding are fantastic! Thank you so much for all your hard work, your good humor and reassuring style. The wedding went by so fast, but when we look at your photos it’s possible to relive the evening and get a window into someone of what we missed. We feel so fortunate to of had you and your team on the job!” Daryn & Andy Alper- Santa Monica, CA

“ Elizabeth: you'll love this. I'm a fellow photographer who does occasional weddings only. I'm photographing one tomorrow, so I'mlookin gat your site for inspiration! I've bookmarked you!I love your work.!!!!” Chris Mende Photography - San Francisco, CA

“ Thank you!!! Thank you!! Thank you!! The photos are great!- and the experience was 100 times better than we could have imagined!!” Kiersten & Tony Spencer- Chicago, IL

“ You are just great and so talented! It was such a pleasure to have your presence and creativity. Thank you for delicately capturing the moments we will treasure forever.” Greg & Alice Vernon - Santa Monica, CA

“ Elizabeth- thank you so much for the blow ups. They’re awesome!!! ” Asia & Robert Mape -Santa Monica, CA

“ We think of you often. Can I just say one more time that you are a genius! Your pictures are more beautiful each time we look at them. I am finding private places for them in our bedroom and am so blessed we found and hired you!” Cassy & Dan Naulty - Tustin, CA

“ Elizabeth,I LOVE the pictures. I’ve showed the prints time and time again to anyone and everyone I encounter. All say without a doubt the pictures are the best “wedding” portraits they have ever seen. Louis and I are truly honored that you captured those special moments. Of all the countless decisions that were made, hiring you was by far the best decision ever made. Hope you don’t mind if I email you from time to time. If you have a showing, let me know. You wouldn’t believe the number of people asking me where they can view your portraits!! Enjoy your time off and I’ll mail you my order.” Cynthia Ocon Pasadena, CA

“I found your posting on the workbook and looked through some of your work and find it most interesting. Bravo! I am most curious as to the capture method you use to create the classic styled images. Is it film or Digital? do you do a lot of your work in camera or is it in the computer? I ask because I am doing a series of portraits of refuges and am seeking a show the strain that their lives have taken on them, thus I come to you with my question, while I am sure you are very busy, if you should have a moment to reply with some ofyour work methods i would be most honored.” Metta, Don Mirra Photography

“When I interned with Elizabeth I didn't know anything about the business side of being a photographer. Most of the business practices I use today I learned from working with her: contracts, pricing, accounting, permits, tax I.D. numbers, all things I didn't have a clue about. I also learned how to present a high-quality professional image to my clients. But the MOST IMPORTANT thing I learned was how to VALUE myself and my work; how not to listen to the doubters and the “nay-sayers” and to believe that I could live my life on my terms, making my living doing what I love best!" - Claire Barrett Photography
" Elizabeth Etienne is an amzing teacher because she simply leads by example. Every day we did something different and it seemed she just knew how to keep al the balls in the air when she was juggling so many things are once. I learned morew dutring the internship than I could have ever learned at an expensive school so I thank you Elizabeth for giving me this great opportunity!" - Steve Cartright 

“Elizabeth was a wonderful person to intern with - she's friendly, frank, and open. She's also a great example of how one has to be very self-motivated to do well as a freelance photographer - on days when she didn't have jobs, she was still up early and in the studio; scouting locations, looking at magazines to keep up-to-date on current visual styles, shooting for her portfolio or thinking of other ways to improve her skills and her business. One of the most useful things I learned while working with Elizabeth were some retouching tricks that I use often. These tricks always “WOW” clients and friends who work as professional retouchers. It’s GREAT!" - Diana Muhlvill Photography
“When I came to work with Elizabeth in her internship program I was ready and wanting to start shooting my own jobs but didn’t understand client relations, (invoicing, contracts, deposits etc...). Through the internship I was able to see first hand how the entire process works from start to finish. The individual care and attention she gives to each client and each job astonished me and really taught me a lot. Whether it’s a big job or small job they are all treated the same. It was also a great surprise to see how much she genuinely cares about her INTERNS success. Her positive encouragement kept me focused. She gracefully nudged me out of the nest and now I have a full time business… something I never dreamed of!” - Wayne Tam Photography
“Elizabeth, I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for allowing me to be myself and to have this opportunity to work with you. I must also tell you that every Wednesday evening when I leave your office I feel inspired, excited, and ready to really commit to my new business and life as a photographer!! When I got home I purchased my new website, per your advice with the help of my sisters credit card!. So yes THANK YOU!!!” - Kizzy O’Neil Photography
“Within months of working with Elizabeth, I have not only gained valuable hands on experience which would take months at school, but also a friend and a mentor. Instead of dreading work, I looked forward to it because her work environment and personality are always welcoming and supportive. She knows how to get the job done and have fun while doing it!"- Rajilakshmi Noel Shivshanker
"I had an extraordinary learning experience with Elizabeth. She sincerely cared about my growth, was a patient teacher and included me in every aspect of her business. My photography improved immeasurably. I would recommend Elizabeth's internship to anyone."
- Elizabeth Bassel