Elizabeth Etienne

The career of Elizabeth Etienne has led her around the world and back. From the cobblestone streets of Paris to the sandy beaches of southern California her trademark, retro style is visible in every thing she creates.

In 2014, she hung up camera and set down her pen trading her former career as an award-winning, pro photographer (who traveled the world shooting lifestyle advertising, retro portraits, interiors, events and travel, and wrote and published 3 books on Amazon) for a PASSIONATE career in Interior Design!! Grabbing a tape measure and a hammer she renovated 7 properties, in 2 states(working remorely!) in less than 4 years!

As the daughter of a award winning Interior Designer, Elizabeth admits she had a head start at early age assisting her eccentric mother and contractor uncle with her various design endeavors - from small residential homes, to retail stores and commercial apartment buildings. She learned hands-on construction-design experience and the essential understanding that, "All artistic realms should connect to each other". She confesses that she and her siblings had a screwdriver and a paintbrush in their hands before they could even drive a car!

Elizabeth says she designs from the inside out, understanding the fragile connection between emotion and environment. She carefully chooses the right materials, colors, lighting, and furnishings to enhance the location of each property. When she started designing vacation rentals at the beach in southern California she thought of all the things that travelers associate with this particular part of the world. She then created each one with these feelings in mind. Utilizing bamboo, palm tree branches, retro décor items and relaxed furnishings remembering all they want to do is kick their shoes off, exhale, and be nostalgically reminded of a bygone era. She even included an indoor Tiki Bar! The goal was that the guest could fully “experience” the culture and history of a destination the second they open the door! When she designed her Chicago-based vacation rentals in a historic building surrounded by brick streets and victorian mansions she scavenged flea markets, garage sales, second hand stores and her mother’s antique shop to find just the right pieces. She wanted to replicate the sentimental feelings of a time when life was slower. And lastly, her most recent project, is an elaborate a 3000sq. ft. rustic residential home nestled between the grounds of a former farm and a local forest preserve where deer come to feed. Sje is designing this REMOTELY. The home is an eclectic mix of vintage doors and hardware, a barn loft with a French country kitchen. 

Elizabeth Etienne, like many successful artists, is one of those people who CAN do it all while always maintaining her trademark style. She will soon be expanding her business to include boutique hotels and restaurants so keep an eye out for more to come!