"How To Create A Successful Photography Business"

Whether your a weekend hobbiest or a seasoned pro this book will give you the insider tricks on everything from starting a legal business entity, setting up your office and branding your entire business style to estimating, budgeting and pricing your services for profits. Most importantly it offers an easy solution to handling the often-awkward issue of "money" situations with clients and friends. Not only does this book include over 100 color and black-n-white images on almost every photographic subject imaginable, but it also includes information on how to actually shoot these kinds of images effortlessly and then earn money from them. Lastly this book offers tips for creating residual income - a must for any size business.






"Profitable Wedding Photography"

Before you consider plunging into the deep ocean without a life jacket read this book from one of the world's top wedding photographers. Just because you have a digital camera and a few free weekends doesn't mean your ready to shoot a real wedding! However, following the guidelines in this book will substantially reduce the amount of stress, anxiety, and mishaps an otherwise inexperienced wedding photographer might have, and you’ll get to experience the sheer joy of capturing one of the most incredible days of someone’s life. There is simply nothing better than getting paid for what you love to do, and this book aims to show you how to do it—with style! From creating your first wedding portfolio (before you've even shot a real wedding!), hiring the right assistants and scouting the ceremony location to working with wedding coordinators, creating a timeline and shooting the actual wedding! The book covers it all! You'll even learn how to create dynamic wedding albums by selecting the right images, natural retouching, creating stunning page layouts and choosing the right printer. Shooting weddings and earning an income from them is simply awesome . . . and this book will show you how! From start to finish you will get the insider tricks other pro wedding photographers don't want you to know. It's so exciting! Shooting weddings and earning an income from them is simply awesome . . . and this book will show you how!   



"The Art Of Engagement Photography"

Engagement photography used to mean traditional, conservative headshots found in the wedding sections of newspapers everywhere. But this book shows photographers how to tap into new revenue source by offering couples personalized, upscale sessions and beautiful, romantic images to use in their wedding decorations, invitations, and albums. Elizabeth Etienne has created an essential guide to the art and business of shooting contemporary engagement photography, featuring insider advice on selling the session, research, posing, postproduction, pricing and even how to make residual income from stock and micro stock markets.  This book includes over 200 original images by Elizabeth Etienne covering a broad scope of themes - from a contemporary rustic autumn canyon or a romantic deserted beach to a retro old Hollywood film set . . . she covers it all and tells you how she preps, directs, shoot and processes these images to make a magnificent presentations. Shooting engagement sessions is an ideal way to practice your shoot skills, earn additional income, get to know the couple better before the big day then show off your amazing images to their friends, family, magazine editors, art directors and gallery owners. It’s the best way to take your portfolio to the next level!